“Manual of wild life”: reinforced sanitary measures on the film set

The shooting of the series Wild Life Handbook, starring Antoine Pilon, Virginie Ranger-Beauregard and Gildor Roy, continues in Montreal. A relief for the production which had to strengthen the sanitary measures on the set following an outbreak of COVID-19 last summer.

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At the end of August, eight members of the technical team working on the set of the new KOTV series contracted COVID-19, forcing production to cease operations for four days. The series, which is scheduled for release in spring 2022 on Série Plus, is adapted from the novel by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard.

“From what we could understand, the outbreak that we experienced came from outside,” explains Sébastien Corbière, the health manager of the plateau of Wild Life Handbook on which the media were invited on Tuesday. Even before we started shooting, there were already some positive people. We had a team come to the set to have the whole team tested and, 24 hours later, we had two positive results, we stopped everything to allow potentially infected people to go for testing and have results, to start over. The entire technical team also quarantined itself for four days. “

Back to work, we “tightened the screws”, especially with the technicians, as to the importance of respecting health measures on the set such as wearing a mask properly, respecting the social distancing of one meter. , the regulatory 15 minutes when the actors are unmasked and the mask change every four hours.

“We are more strict on these points,” he adds. We rely on the honesty and common sense of the technicians, even those who eat out during the day of filming. The majority show exemplary work. ”

Yes to the passport

For Louis Morissette, who wears the double hat of producer and actor in this series, the application of the vaccine passport on the sets represents an ideal.

“I am rather exasperated by the non-vaccination,” says the one who proudly claims to be doubly vaccinated. We have experienced it here and it is delaying, it is costly and it puts people’s health at risk. If it wasn’t that we would enter into a legal process, rights and all, in the best of all possible worlds, I wish it was mandatory. There comes a point where your pace harms the pace of thousands of people and puts many projects and many people at risk financially. “

No actor contracted the virus on the set.

“It was managed in a very reassuring way,” explains actress Virginie Ranger-Beauregard. The testing clinic came on set to make sure everyone was okay, we stopped shooting, and then everyone coming back to work had to show negative proof, so it was really reassuring. When we left, it was not at all worrying, it was very important for the production to be mindful of sanitary measures. ”

For the Union des artistes, the presence of a person responsible for the application of sanitary measures is not compulsory, but strongly recommended to avoid outbreaks on the sets.


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