Manuel Hoffmann was the third in 2010. The DSDS star is nine years in prison


Now the verdict is final: DSDS star Manuel Hoffmann (27) must go to prison for attempted murder.

The 2010 DSDS Third was in court from early November, and was sentenced in March. His lawyer appealed to the Federal Court of Justice (AZ 2 STR 399/18).

With the stone base of a trophy, the singer had hit his roommate Peter W. (30) on the head. W. suffered a fractured skull, seriously injured survivor.

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Photo: APN

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Manuel Hoffmann 2010 at "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"Photo: APN

The case: up to the act Hoffmann and W. had lived more than four years in a shared apartment in Braunfels (Lahn-Dill-Kreis). While W. describes the relationship with the singer as purely friendly, Hoffmann states that W. had a sexual interest in him: "One evening he came to my room and wanted to talk to me." Since sex is so important to me, it could me orally, you could do it with friends, I refused. "

One thing is certain: on May 7, 2017 there was a dispute, Manuell Hoffmann hit his roommate. The singer was later in custody.

In tears W. said in court: "I thought: he is the best man on earth, he can not be." He continued to beat, he continued to beat. (…) Then I saw that it was the cup with which he struck me, which eventually broke, then he continued with the stone pedestal, blood spurted everywhere. "

Manuel Hoffmann spoke in court of a quarrel without intent, W. was based on a targeted attack: "Manuel wanted to kill me!"

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Photo: Thorsten Wagner

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Peter W. survived badly woundedPhoto: Thorsten Wagner

After eleven months of preventive detention and four months of probation, the verdict was pronounced in March: Manuel Hoffmann was imprisoned for nine years.

Now the review has been rejected.

Uwe Braun, spokesman for the prosecutor Wetzlar:



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