Manufacturer to meet Oxford for Corona doubled its production of 2 million doses

The report revealed the agency”Reuters” for a doubling of the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca Energy manufacturing to meet corona virus probably and at the University of Oxford to one million doses, to ensure the supply amount for low-income countries.

Where is the support page with the response group epidemiological CEPI And the alliance of vaccines GAVI Alliance By the World Health Organization and aims to soothe fears that the company was providing all the initial supplies to meet the world advanced.

Got the United States of America on 300 million doses of the first doses of vaccine likely, labeled AZD1222 , In a deal also devoted more than a million dollars to support the testing and manufacturing. Britain had booked in the previous 100 million other.

Chief Executive Pascal Syria, it’s under the deals will increase the company 300 million doses starting from this year to CEPI And GAVI Alliance Where aimed at fair and equitable distribution to meet.

He said that AstraZeneca Might also agreed to terms with the Institute for Serum India, the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world in terms of size, to provide one million doses for the low-and middle-income countries.

The company said that part of non-specific doses of the vaccine will be used in India, will be distributed to the rest once again by the Global Alliance for vaccines and immunization in low-income countries.

The development of the vaccine, formerly known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Before the University of Oxford and licensed to AstraZeneca.Is not after production of evidence of immunity of the novel coronavirus in the ongoing experiments, but the production will start with it to be ready for everyone as soon as regulatory approval.


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