Many are unaware that prolonged cell phone use favors this chronic ailment

Technology has for years now set foot in the lives of many people. PCs, smartphones and tablets have acquired the role of inseparable companions in life and we hardly do without them. Everything nowadays can be done thanks to a screen and a connection, from simple calls to booking holidays or take-away dinner.

In particular, the absolute comfort in use and the extraordinary potential of the smartphone hardly allow us to break away from it. Some use it very assiduously, in every hour and moment of the day, also thanks to the work. Well, if we think we have some kind of cell phone addiction too, we pay close attention. Sticking to the screen more than necessary and for too long can have an impact on our health. And it’s not just about eye problems.

Among the many consequences of the abuse of this tool there is also a rather annoying pathology from which it is better to beware.

A small product that hides many problems

Whether the trusted doctor or the mother warned us, what they told us is true: the mobile phone is a double-edged sword. While it solves many of our problems very easily, it can cause various ailments. This depends not only on staring at the screen for too long, but also on the position we assume in daily use. In fact, even if we don’t notice it, we put ourselves in various poses that apparently make us feel more comfortable to chat or talk to someone.

Suffice it to say that only when it comes to writing or reading a message do we fold the neck. By holding this position for too long, we risk serious problems, such as nerve pains and spasms. Also, holding your thumb bent to type may cause discomfort or make some problems like arthritis worse in the long run. Finally, let’s not forget that the blue light emitted by the mobile phone affects sleep and can cause discomfort to the eyes.

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Many are unaware that prolonged cell phone use favors this chronic ailment

Among the many problems caused by the smartphone, one in particular is really annoying and uncomfortable. How many times do we put the cell phone to our ear to talk to someone in the course of a day? And how many more do we type while sitting with our elbows resting on the table?

According to the experts these habits, if frequent, can lead to cubital tunnel syndrome. Unfortunately, still today many are unaware that prolonged use of the mobile phone favors this chronic disorder. This condition occurs when the ulnar nerve compresses against the elbow, causing pain and weakness in the hand. If not treated in time it could turn into a permanent ailment.

The advice to avoid this is not to keep your arm bent for too long when holding the phone. If we really can’t do without it, we use a soft support, such as a pillow, where we can rest the elbow.

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