Many Children Get Diabetes, Recognize the Symptoms before Regret

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Wednesday, 17/05/2023 09:55 WIB

Photo: Illustration of a child with diabetes. (Doc. Pexel)

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not only attacking parents, diabetes can also occur in children. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), an estimated 1.1 million children and adolescents (under the age of 20) currently have type 1 diabetes worldwide.

Additionally, more than 132,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year. Type 1 diabetes occurs due to genetic and autoimmune factors.

Not only that, there are also types of type 2 diabetes due to obesity, an unbalanced diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is important for parents to recognize the various risks and symptoms of diabetes in children so that this condition is not treated too late by a doctor. Because the sooner it is realized, the child can get treatment and take the necessary preventive measures.

Symptoms of diabetes in children

Signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children usually develop quickly and include the following:

  • Thirst more often
  • Frequent urination, possibly wetting the bed in a toilet trained child
  • Extreme hunger
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability or changes in behavior
  • Fruity breath

Can pediatric diabetes patients recover?

There is no cure for type 1 diabetes in children, but the condition can be managed.

Pediatric diabetes patients must undergo blood sugar management by changing their diet and lifestyle regularly.

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