Many households in Verviers, Pepinster, Trooz and elsewhere are still deprived of gas and electricity

Fifteen days after the terrible floods that hit our country, many homes are still without electricity. The agents of RESA, the network manager, are mobilized to carry out urgent repairs.

The work of the agents of the company managing the electricity networks is overwhelmed. 7,500 counters counters to change in just three weeks, that’s normally the workload done in a year and a half.

Our teams are on site. We have difficulties going to people, we have to dismantle everything and replace with new and it takes time“explains a RESA agent.

They are 250 agents to travel the region seven days a week to carry out repairs. Sylvie usually works in an office but she wanted to leave it to come and help and meet the population.

We go to all the houses to check if the meter needs to be replaced or not. It depends how far the water has risen and the type of installation“explains Sylvie.”Then we make the markings on the ground for our colleagues from the technical service who pass behind us“she continues.

The damage to be repaired is not limited to homes. The electric cabins in the streets have sometimes suffered serious damage as well. 378 of them need to be repaired. “It takes time” explains Damien, a worker. “It is necessary to check all the boxes. Clean them, check all the counts in people who have been drowned. As long as all the counters have not been replaced unfortunately we will not be able to restart. “He explains as it is on his sixteenth day of work in a row.

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In the aftermath of the floods, 41,500 homes were deprived of electricity, and 3,800 still remain today. Everything should be back to normal by mid-August.

Electricity is not the only lack of some homes. Gas is also a scarce commodity in some regions.

In the next few hours, an interactive map of the recovery areas will be available on the RESA website. Those affected will be able to enter their address and will receive a delay and an approximation on when they will have gas again. The deadlines range from “a few days” to “in the month of December”. Currently 14,000 homes are still without gas.

It will take a long time to restore this service. The lines should be inspected, purged when necessary. Counters must be sealed in order to avoid leaks.

Good news for the inhabitants of Verviers, since yesterday, the city is again connected to gas. Unfortunately RESA indicates that the majority of households will only recover gas in the fall or in December. RESA asks the municipalities to list priority sites such as schools, rest homes and town halls.

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