Many people don’t know! Noon Suthipha reveals the truth about Nikki in the past

Nun said, “He didn’t call it flirting. He called it better to eat. Well, it doesn’t have a flirtation pattern. This was a long time ago (Pat repeated a long time ago) before meeting Koi As soon as it gets drunk, it’s Nun. Do you want to go back to your room with me? What are we? What are you? Stick to the tub and follow it. But when it talks to us, it doesn’t stutter. I mean, you don’t stick to the tub. Seriously.

Finally, we took a taxi to escape. That is, used to think about flirting with us. But now they’re just close friends. When it’s gone, I don’t call to talk about anything. Just let it go didn’t say anything He knew everything about his gut and belly until he didn’t even think of anything. Because we’re so close together.”

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