Many Prisoners Become Converts, Habib Bahar Praised by Judges


Habib Bahar bin Smith was put on trial for the alleged case of spreading false news during a lecture. On the other hand, the panel of judges praised Bahar Smith’s example.

The chairman of the panel of judges, Dodong Rusdani, gave this compliment after the public prosecutor (JPU) read out his response to Bahar’s objection note or exception at the Bandung District Court (PN), Jalan LLRE Martadinata, Bandung City on Tuesday (19/4/2022). In front of Bahar Smith and his supporters, Dodong gave praise.

“Habib is an extraordinary person who understands the concept of religion. I have heard the voice of Habib in prison or inmates being able to give religious lectures, so many of them have volunteered to take the shahada,” said Dodong.

Habib Bahar immediately replied. Bahar, who came wearing a velvet-patterned cap, agreed and asked the judge for prayer.

“Please pray for him to continue to stay,” he said.

In addition, the judge also reminded Bahar to maintain order during the trial. Bahar agreed and would be in charge of order.

“I am responsible for order and security,” he said.

Previously, the public prosecutor (JPU) answered the memorandum of objection or exception to Habib Bahar bin Smith. The prosecutor considered that Bahar’s exception was unreasonable and asked the judge to reject the exception.

The answer to the exception was conveyed by the public prosecutor chaired by Suharja in the trial held at the Bandung District Court (PN), Jalan LLRE Martadinata, Bandung City on Tuesday (19/4/2022).

“On this occasion, we conclude that the application for legal counsel submitted in the exception is unreasonable and therefore, we are of the opinion that the application should be rejected,” said the prosecutor.


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