Many Provinces Haven’t Updated Corona Cases for More Than 21 Days, This Is The Task Force’s Response


Spokesperson for the Handling Task Force COVID-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito responded to the problem that many provinces had not updated their data on COVID-19 cases in more than 21 days. According to him, the Corona case report is one of the important aspects in determining policies or strategies for handling COVID-19.

Therefore, Wiku appealed to the Ministry of Health and local governments to evaluate the synchronization of central and regional COVID-19 cases.

“Considering that data is a crucial aspect, including in making decisions, including efforts to accumulate data for the past 21 days. Generally, during this data migration period, changes in conditions that need to be followed up, for example the number of active cases decreased due to the case having recovered or died,” explained Prof. Wiku in a press release from BNPB Friday (10/9/2021).

“For this reason, the regional government and the Ministry of Health must actively coordinate to synchronize immediately in the hope that the data will still be interprobabable and prevent similar incidents in the future,” he continued.

Will it affect the leveled PPKM?

Wiku argues that the level indicator is not only seen from the rate of transmission or active cases of Corona and deaths. However, other aspects such as regional response capacity are also taken into account.
“Changes in one aspect are not necessarily able to directly provide significant changes, especially in the results of regional leveling,” he concluded.

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