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Many students infected – Rotterdam urges compliance with the rules 01.08.20

ROTTERDAM (dpa-AFX) – In view of the rising number of corona infections among students, the Mayor of Rotterdam has sent a letter to all students in the city to comply with the protection rules. “Young people can also become seriously ill,” says the appeal, as the city announced on Saturday. “Pay attention to your own responsibility, only together can we get this virus under control.” The number of infections among students in Rotterdam is increasing every day.

The problem is that students don’t have a corona test done quickly, find it annoying to quarantine, and find contact tracking difficult, the city said. Rotterdam and Amsterdam will be the first Dutch cities to introduce a mask requirement from Wednesday. This applies to particularly busy squares, streets and shops.

The Dutch government has so far rejected a general obligation to wear a mask, but it allows regional bids. So far, a face mask has only had to be worn in public transport in the Netherlands



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