Manzanares emerges victorious from a disappointing Goyesca de Ronda in terms of livestock

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José María Manzanares, who cut off two ears, has emerged victorious in the 66th edition of the traditional Goyesca Bullfight in Ronda (Málaga), a celebration that is also quite a social event, with well-known faces on the lines and with the well-known “no tickets” at the box office.

Manzanares, which was not going through a good moment, he grew up in Ronda and already in his first, a soft and abrupt bull, who came to turn him without consequences, he showed himself to be very capable and determined to end up arguing a good-sized task and crowned with a great lunge. Ear for him.

And yet another trophy came from the fifth, the most classy bull in the shipment, which he fought with his usual elegance in temperate crutches and rhythmic by the two pitons, although without narrowness. But the task had rhythm and communication with the laying, who rewarded him with the ear after a defective lunge.

The other appendix of the show, conditioned by the little play of Daniel Ruiz’s bullsit was achieved by Roca Rey of the sixthwhich he squeezed based on wanting and not letting himself win the fight for an animal without strength and reluctant to charge.

Before, with the invalid third, he had to abbreviate the Peruvian, as he also did Morante de la Puebla with the impossible hat played in fourth placery who replaced a holder who had to be stabbed after breaking a hand after the right-handed cigar maker’s capotero receipt.

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