Health Mar del Plata adds 430 coronavirus infections and already...

Mar del Plata adds 430 coronavirus infections and already has more than 3000 active cases

Mar del Plata reached its record of coronavirus cases registered in 24 hours this Wednesday: the authorities confirmed 430 new patients in treatment for Covid-19. In addition, it was also reported that there are already 93 intensive care beds occupied in the city.

The report also noted the 431 new cases of Covid that were discharged 253 patients who were under treatment. Thus, there are already more than 3,000 patients with the active virus (3,165).

Of the 430 positive coronavirus patients, 54 correspond to cases defined by clinical epidemiological criteria (close contacts of confirmed cases that had symptoms and were not swabbed) and 376 to PCR studies. The municipal authorities confirmed that although the cases were incorporated between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday, the tests were carried out between September 1 and 15.

In turn, Sisa reported the death of 3 people who were in treatment for coronavirus:

  • An 84-year-old woman who passed away on September 14
  • An 80-year-old woman and a 92-year-old woman who died on September 15.

All remained hospitalized in health institutions in our city. With these deaths, there are already 133 fatalities.

Regarding the capacity of the health system, the municipality reported that there are 93 intensive therapy beds occupied, of which 44 are for patients with coronavirus. Of those patients, 21 are on a ventilator.


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