Maradona buried without his heart!

Doctor and journalist, Nelson Castro, revealed secret details from the records of the late Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona, after his death, that include shocking medical facts and information related to the legend’s health.

Castro published a book entitled “Maradona’s Health.. A True Story” by the legend Maradona, the last person who led Argentina to victory in the World Cup in Mexico 1986, about a year after his death on November 25, 2020, in Buenos Aires at the age of 60.

And the doctor answered a question – during his appearance in a television interview to talk about his book – about Maradona’s heart being stolen after his death, saying: “There were extremist fans who intended to snatch Maradona’s heart (from inside his tomb), but that did not happen. Doctors removed Maradona’s heart from his body, because it was very important to investigate the circumstances of his death.”

The doctor, who obtained confidential details from Maradona’s medical records, and listened to witnesses who have not yet spoken, according to the Saudi “Al Arabiya” channel, added: “Maradona is buried without a heart! His heart weighed half a kilogram. Normally, the heart weighs 300 grams, but Maradona’s heart was very large, and the reason was due to his shortcomings, besides that he was a footballer.”

Maradona, Nelson said, “was frightfully addicted to everything harmful. Anyone else other than him would have died at a much younger age, but he had a body that had a special ability to resist,” noting that Maradona could have had better health, but “his problem is that he never sought an effective treatment.”

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Matias Morla, Diego Maradona’s lawyer, believes poor medical care may be the possible cause of the legend’s death.

The Argentine judiciary is investigating 7 people in the case of Maradona’s death, in order to reveal whether they provided the necessary care for the player to keep his life, and the prison sentence in such cases ranges from 8 to 25 years.

These seven are: neurosurgeon Leopoldo Lucchi, psychiatrist Agostina Kasachov, psychiatrist Carlos Diaz, home care coordinator Nancy Forlini, nurse coordinator Mariano Peroni, nurses Ricardo Omar Almiron and Dahiana Madrid.

All of them testified before the Argentine judiciary, which has been in the process of hearing the testimony of everyone in the case for months.

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