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Good jersey or not good jersey?

Maradona’s Hand of God jersey would not be the authentic one according to the Argentinian legend’s daughter. On display at the Manchester United Football Museum for 18 years, this one was to be auctioned between April 20 and May 4. “It’s not that one. I can’t reveal who owns it, but it’s madness. It’s not Steve Hodge” said the daughter of the Argentine number ten in the radio show Perfect Day. Presumed holder of the shirt, the former England midfielder, on the meadow on June 22, 1986, could draw up to seven million euros, thus setting the record for the most expensive sports item in history .

But now, according to the words of the eldest daughter of Maradona, the jersey put on sale by Sotheby’s would be that of the first half, therefore not the one worn by Diego at the time of the hand of God. A spokesperson for the auction company refuted Dalma Maradona’s statements: “There was indeed another shirt worn by Maradona in the first half, but there are very clear differences between this shirt and the one that was worn during the two goals. So, before putting this jersey up for auction, we used scientific research to be sure that this jersey was indeed worn by Maradona during the second half. » By changing his jersey at half-time, Maradona may have cost Steve Hodge several million euros, 36 years later.

It’s starting to be a lot of humiliations for the English in a single game.

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