Marathoning with three Will Smith films

The tapes ‘After Earth’, ‘Hancock’ and ‘Two Rebel Police II’ will be televised through the Warner Channel.

Next Friday, November 20, the followers of actor Will Smith will be able to take the remote control of their television to tune in to the Warner Channel and follow almost closely the special they have dedicated to the American.

Thus, the programming, which will start at 6:30 pm, will include the films ‘After Earth’, ‘Hancock’ and ‘Two Rebel Policemen II’, all in which Smith has had an important participation.

As it was known, the first to start shooting will be ‘After the Earth’, a film that will portray how in the 21st century humanity will leave the earth to go to a new world called Nova Prime, due to an environmental cataclysm. A thousand years later an organization called Ranger Corps, commanded by General Cypher Raige, will destroy the Skrell, creatures that will try to conquer Nova Prime. Kitai, Cypher’s son, will be in training to become a Ranger, but his application will be rejected. Faia, Kitai’s mother, will convince Cypher to take Kitai on one last mission. A meteor shower will make them land emergency on Earth and the impact will end up affecting Cypher’s lower extremities, so Kitai will be forced to go alone to where the rest of the ship is to save the lives of both.

At the end of this plot will begin, at 08:20 pm, ‘Hancock’. In this production, viewers can appreciate a sarcastic, dissatisfied and misunderstood superhero who will lose his popularity. When you accept a radical makeover proposed by publicist Ray Embrey, your life and reputation will revive, but when everything seems to take shape, you will meet a female gifted with powers similar to yours, who will have the key that can lead you to your past. secret.

To close with a flourish will arrive: ‘Two rebel policemen II’, starting at 10.00 pm In this the policemen of the narcotics department, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Bennett, will enter a mission, in which they will be in charge of investigating the flow of Ecstasy in Miami. Their search will lead them to a dangerous drug lord, whose plan to control the city’s drug trafficking will unleash an underground war. Meanwhile, things will get a little hotter between Mike and Syd, Marcus’s sister.

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