Marc Van Ranst criticizes images cup final: “For some …

Antwerp won the Cup of Belgium on Saturday at the King Baudouin Stadium. The players and fans could not get their luck after the match, and Marc Van Ranst did not miss that either. The virologist criticized the images of a cheering Great Old.

Immediately after the third cup win in their club history, the FC Antwerp players took a picture together, cheering and hugging. Images that put Van Ranst in his pen on Twitter.

“A bubble from your household and 5 friends, they say. A barbecue in the garden can accommodate up to 10 people, they say. They say keep a meter and a half away. Some professions have different rules, which is wrong, I say, ”says Van Ranst on Twitter.

Opinions on Van Ranst’s reaction are divided. Some Twitterers believe that the country’s best-known virologist is exaggerating. “Don’t forget to mention that they are all tested and corona-free,” says one. “You said sports is healthy,” wrote another football fan. Others just found support in the tweet. “They are gods they think.” Or, “What unnecessary risk is that?”


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