Marcel Rodríguez, Paraguayan actor who stands out internationally

Recently, the actor Marcel Rodríguez (36), an Asuncian based in Berlin, achieved notoriety in the local public thanks to his participation in an international series entitled Dignity, whose broadcast began on November 13 through Amazon Prime Video.

Marcel began his career in Hamburg at the age of 16, and later specialized in Zurich.

He acted in various theaters in Germany, until he opted for the audiovisual area, became an agency and started in short films, to later have participation in some German feature films.

Came to Dignity through auditions. “First I went through an e-casting (electronic casting, in which specific scenes are recorded), then I went to a face-to-face casting, stayed, and quickly moved to Chile for filming. I was there for three and a half months. The first weeks were recorded in Parral and then in Santiago ”, Rodríguez details.

About the recording, it stands out that it was very interesting in Parral. “There we started with the project. The place is mysterious, it has a very dark past. It is a piece of Chilean-German history, which helped a lot to find a certain type of tone, for the entire production, which influenced a certain mood, which pushed the characters to find what we later tell in the series ” , said.

For the artist it was a “pride” to participate in a production that had a “wonderful” cast and crew, according to his appreciation.

He considers that Chileans are capable of telling very good stories of international impact. “Humanas, who can connect with any type of audience,” he adds and highlights that it was a great advantage to have the participation of the German production company Story House Pictures, in addition to Invercine & Wood, from Chile.

“It also helped a lot that German actors participate in the production, since this event was an enclave, a German sect that was created and had almost 50 years of impunity. They had a sinister link with the dictatorship, there were abuses of children, torture, arms trafficking, very dense situations ”, explains the actor.

Rodríguez played the role of lawyer Leo Ramírez in this eight-part thriller. Said professional had the dangerous task of investigating and litigating against this colony and bringing down the leader, Paul Schäfer.

Regarding the series, it rescues, in addition to the story, its aesthetics. “Little is said, but a lot is felt. Not only do you learn something about this Latin American past, but it offers entertainment. It is important to tell this intercontinental story, to generate awareness, and that these things do not happen again, and do not fall into oblivion, that society evolves ”, he reflects.

COMBINE TWO WORLDS. Marcel Rodríguez, of a German mother and a Paraguayan father, feels that he has two worlds in his blood. The actor who carries both nationalities confesses that with this production he was able to combine those worlds. “I was able to merge my Latin origin with my German ancestry,” he emphasizes.

“My character required a neutral accent, despite being Chilean, and being Paraguayan, I was able to achieve it. On set we had German and Spanish as working languages, but English was also spoken, which gave it an international touch ”, he recalls.

Marcel also liked the diversity with which it worked, as well as an “Ibero-American force”, which he also observed in other Chilean productions such as No, O Neruda, in which non-Chilean actors played an important role.

“With my profile of two nationalities, I feel an advantage, I can work in Latin America or Europe, without nationality being a determining factor. There are always stories to tell with a certain profile and it is wonderful that there are co-productions that allow it ”, he analyzes.

CORONAVIRUS. The actor, like everyone else, was also affected by the quarantine due to the pandemic, however he feels optimistic and does not lose faith.

“You have to have patience and faith. It was very hard for the audiovisual industry, but I don’t think this is my last job ”, he trusts and says he is open to working in Paraguay.

Series: Dignity (eight chapters).
Genre: Thriller, police, fiction, based on real events.
Cast: Marcel Rodríguez (lawyer Leo Ramírez), Nils Rovira-Muñoz, Jennifer Ulrich, Martina Klier, among others.
Location: It takes place in the south of Chile.
Synopsis: It tells the story of the Germanic cult (Colonia Dignidad, founded by a former Nazi soldier, Paul Schäfer, and the challenge of bringing it to justice. The series is inspired by real events, which occurred in the 1990s, time in which The practices that took place in Villa Baviera, under the protection of the Pinochet dictatorship, came to light.
Direction: Julio Jorquera.
Co-production: Invercine & Wood, Story House Pictures, CNTV television fund and Mega channel.


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