Marcela Tinayre spoke of Mirtha Legrand’s return to TV: “Nacho was a hero in this matter”

The announcement of great return of Mirtha Legrand to television revolutionized social networks last Wednesday. After many negotiations between Nacho Avenue, grandson of the diva and producer of her programs, and different channels, it was finally announced that the host will continue on the screen of eltrece. After signing the contract, Marcela Tinayre spoke about her mother’s return to work and was proud of her son.

“It was exhausting, a very public contract, much talked about, very pending. There was a very exhausting pressure, my son Nacho was a hero in this whole thing. Television is show business, being a grandson is one thing, but he is a producer of the great seven”expressed the blonde in dialogue with the program Hold on Catalinawhich is hosted by Catalina Dlugi on La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad.

Tinayre also highlighted the arduous process that her son had to go through during the negotiations. “Nacho fought her, defended her. Mirtha Legrand is Mirtha Legrand, he put her in the place she deserves and Juana too”he said proudly. “On Tuesday night, mom and I went to a meal and when we left there were people in the street who shouted at us ‘Mirtha come back’. People respect her a lot and she is an example of work and woman, woman who at 94 is still working and being in force. This is an example of what it is to work and the dignity of working”, he added praising his mother.

In this new stage of La Noche de Mirtha and Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand, the program leadership will be divided between the diva and her granddaughter, Juana Viale, something that Tinayre also celebrated. “It will have for the viewer the surprise factor of, and today who is driving it of the two?”culminated.

Adrián Suar’s welcome to Mirtha Legrand before signing the contract

Legrand and Viale announced the return of the programs through their social networks. An audio that reproduces a conversation between Mirtha and her granddaughter, which can be heard on the Twitter account of @lamesaza and on the Instagram of Nacho Avenuethe image of a folder with the StoryLab logo and with the legend “Here we go” and the hashtag #VuelvoVolvemos were the pieces chosen to communicate the news to the world.

Nacho Viale had been working for several months to finalize his grandmother’s return to televisionsomething that is not only a wish of the 95-year-old star, but of his followers who wait for that program where elegant meals alternate with themes that set the agenda the next day.

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Two and a half years is a long time, but the day has finally come. I’m about to cry”, expressed Mirtha before signing the contract. The driver arrived at the Constitución channel and was received by Suar, Codevilla and Fernández, who were waiting for her with a large breakfast in the meeting room. Sheathed in a pink suit and with transparent glasses, she “la Chiqui” she occupied the head of the table while Codevilla served her a tea. And before the meeting and the signing of contracts begin, the cameras partners… They went into the office to chat live with the protagonists. “It took us a long time to get there, but well here we are. I feel like crying and emotion, emotion”, He repeated almost unable to believe that his return to TV is a fact.

“I haven’t been on television for two years and six months because of the pandemic. It affected me a lot because I didn’t go out of my house, not even to the balcony. I was without going out for 300 days ”, Legrand recalled again about what it was like to be away from TV. With the intention of not being sad, Suar interrupted her: “We are very happy to have you both. Although it was a long negotiation, but they are things on TV, ”she indicated, realizing that there was never any anger with Viale.

As it turned out, from the month of September Mirtha Legrand will be in charge of Mirta’s nighton Saturdays at prime time to compete with PHthe cycle of Andy Kusnetzoff on Telefe and Juana Viale will lead Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand on sundays at noon. While Chiquita It will impose a current tone, his granddaughter will receive entertainment figures, although Legrand is also affected to receive his colleagues from the artistic world.

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