Marcelo Tinelli revealed how he helps Soledad Aquino in her visits to intensive care – Paparazzi Magazine

What is the best that can be “Of love, after love”how he sang Fito Paez? Perhaps, support and containment in the worst moments. And also laughter, like a balm, as a way to overcome the most painful.

More, when there are two daughters involved and a past together, how is it that unites Marcelo tinelli with Soledad Aquino, which a few weeks ago was emergency hospital in La Trinidad de Palermo due to a digestive infection and duodenal ulcer, complicated by liver cirrhosis, for which they had to undergo an endoscopy.

The days go by and the state of Not here still delicate. Meanwhile, the doctors try to find the right medicine so that the mother of Mica Y Cande get ahead, and Tinelli, does everything possible to be present with his daughters, accompanying them in the clinic, bringing their good humor.

So he said on a mobile with LAM, where he told how Aquino’s painting progresses and how he made her laugh on one of his visits with Guillermina Valdes.

“We were there last night and it was a very funny moment because I pretend to be the one who sing and she tells me that I can’t sing anything, she hits me some impressive expenses”Marcelo said.

“I pretend to sing and she tells me I can’t sing anything, she hits me some impressive expenses.”

“I sang to her and named all the singers that I know she doesn’t like, the ones who for me are the grossest and she tells me they are greasy, like José Luis Perales, Manolo Galván, Julio Iglesias, Nino Bravo …”, he counted.

And I add: “Until Coti arrived and said ‘teach him who good singers are.’ I ended up singing some awesome songs by Camilo Sesto. They laughed a lot and it was a very funny moment ”.

In addition to appealing to music, the businessman added that to enliven the intensive therapy room they recalled their times of more controversial looks, such as those in which he wore “White socks and white undershirts under the shirt.”

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