Marcia’s funeral, Camino returns but does not speak

The appointment with the soap opera A life is confirmed for the week from 25 to 31 July 2021, with the airing of new first-run episodes. The advances reveal that there will be room for the last farewell that the community of Acacias will give to Marcia, while Mendez will continue the investigations to get to the truth of the facts.

in the meantime Camino, after a period of absence, he will return to the neighborhood again but it will no longer be what it once was.

Agustina finds herself in danger: A Life plots 25-31 July

The plots of the next episodes of Una Vita scheduled until July 31, 2021 report that a mysterious girl will sneak inside the attic and begin to threaten Agustina with a knife.

At a certain point, however, the woman will take the weapon and turn it against herself, sticking it in the belly and ending up in the hospital in serious condition.

in the meantime Servant it will end up telling the couple’s private facts Felipe-Marcia to a guest of the pension: Cesareo will immediately understand that it is a journalist who is trying to steal information, and so he will not think twice about snatching the notebook from his hand.

But the twists did not end there, because the previews of Una Vita reveal that it will be there the return of Camino ad Acacias.

Genoveva furious at the news of Marcia’s death

Camino after a long period of absence she will return to the neighborhood accompanied by Cesareo, but she will look different than she used to be.

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In fact, it will seem that Camino has lost the use of the word again.

Casilda she will propose to her friends in the attic that they organize a collection to raise money to buy a marble angel that will be used to decorate the tombstone of Marcia, found lifeless in the park of Acacias.

Meanwhile, the news will also begin to spread in the newspapers where there will be talk of an alleged sentimental triangle between Marcia, Felipe and Santiago.

This indiscretion will not please at all Genoveva, who will get even more nervous when she finds out that Alvarez Hermoso has contributed to the expenses for the last farewell to the maid.

Marcia’s funeral: previews A Life 25-31 July 2021

The spoiler of Una Vita at 31 July reveal that the neighborhood will come together to give its goodbye to Marcia.

On the day of the funeral, Casilda will take over the reins of the situation and will become the protagonist of a speech with which she will pay homage to her deceased friend, while Mendez investigations they will go on to find out who was responsible for the murder.


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