Marcus calls the cops, claims to be "held against my will"


A competitor of The Super Switch was literally escaped from the show set after calling the police and claimed that he had been held captive by the other competitors.

In the Tuesday night episode, the show's competitors – who agreed to exchange partners to fix their fractured relationships – took part in "group therapy".

During the session, participants were shown the video of everyone's reports and were therefore able to provide information on whether they believed their partners' complaints were justified.

The video was transmitted from the relationship between Marcus and Aimee, with Aimee complaining that he didn't take things seriously and was always joking – something that Marcus strongly disagreed with.

But when the video ended and the rest of the group started giving their opinion, Marcus was stunned to learn that the rest of the group was in agreement with Aimee's assessment.

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"I understood your partner perfectly because it is exactly my impression of you," said Romina, Marcus' switch-switch partner.

"I found it really annoying, like, during the day (when we were together), for as long as you were, like, doing everything a joke."

"I don't understand what you mean," Marcus replied.

"Well, the fact that you're all the time, like laughing at everything and everything is a joke," replied Romina.

"There are moments when we're not kidding, we're actually doing something serious and you're coming up with something that needs to be fun."

Tyler, Lachlan, Christie and Neesha joined in, agreeing with Romina that Marcus could sometimes make an "inappropriate comment" when things were serious.

The feedback left Marcus irritated, complaining that he had not signed up The Super Switch for a "gang up" of the other competitors.

"We're all here for our relationships, maybe you need to think about yourself before thinking about me," he told the producers.

"I'm listening to the people who follow me and I'm thinking," What the hell is going on here? "Everyone suddenly had this opinion about me where I went wrong."

Later that evening, after the group therapy session was over, Marcus was still irritated and refusing to talk about how he felt.

But it was when Romina continued to talk about Marcus's need to be more serious that he finally broke. Marcus rose abruptly from his chair and rushed upstairs to pack.

A dazed Romina met Marcus in the corridor where he told her he was leaving the show. Pleading to him to speak, Romina put her hand gently on the door and said, "You can't go."

It was then that things took a dramatic and farcical turn.

"You would try to keep me prisoner!" Marcus exclaimed. "I'm just calling the police to say that I'm being held against my will."

True to his word while the other competitors joined them in the corridor, Marcus composed triple 0, saying to the operator that he had been prevented from leaving the house.

"At this moment I am held against my will in a house", he said to the operator while the others stood around him, stunned.

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"I'm really trying to leave and they won't leave me, so it's a police matter. I have people blocking the door, they won't let me go."

"We're not blocking the door, we're trying to talk to you, the door is there," Neesha interrupted, pointing to the gesture. "This is a bit ridiculous Marcus."

While Marcus opened the door (it wasn't locked), Tyler made one last attempt to try to get him to talk.

Tyler grabbed the handle of one of his suitcases, making Marcus say, "Right now you're holding me against my will."

Realizing that Marcus was beyond reasoning, Tyler let go and went outside, where he called a Uber.

He later told the producers that he had entered "fight or flight" when the other competitors had tried to persuade him to stay.

"When people start coming to you it's kind of a fight or flight," he said.

The Super Switch is broadcast on Channel 7 and 7 Plus

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