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The USA, which invented basketball, is once again delegating most of its representatives to the Euroleague.

15min It is estimated that as many as 77 US basketball players will appear in the Euroleague arenas, which will revive in the first match of the 2021–2022 season on Thursday and Friday.

The numbers on the Euroleague player map are not final, as the clubs complete the work, and on the official Euroleague website, the preliminary line-ups of some teams differ from those in the clubs’ own section due to certain registration nuances.

Also, some basketball players have more than one nationality. For example, Real Madrid and Olympiacos Piraeus have players who can present three passports from different countries.

However, it is not difficult to get an impression of the dominance of basketball countries in the Euroleague, especially since the leaders are the same again.

More than a third of Euroleague players are Americans, dominating the 18-team rosters.

Traditionally, most – as many as 7 – US legionnaires have Tel Aviv Maccabi. nuotr./Scottie Wilbekinas

A few more clubs are not far behind the Israeli champions – six Americans each play Monaco, Milan Olimpia, Munich Bayern and St. Petersburg Zenit. At least one American, this season, is represented by Moscow CSKA, whose leader is Will Clyburn.

The second in terms of the number of players in the Euroleague is France, which will delegate 26 players this season, most of whom have been accommodated by two French league teams: the USEL of Villerban and Monaco.

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Russia will be represented by three clubs with 22 registered 23 Russian basketball players in the Euroleague. True, most Russian basketball players will spend more time on the bench than on the field, because they do not play the most important instruments and in their country’s teams.

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Serbia will be represented in the Euroleague by 22 basketball players, Greece by 17, and Lithuania in sixth place with 15 players: seven Lithuanians will start the season in foreign clubs, and eight more will register Kaunas “Žalgiris”, if we count the young Mantas Rubštavičius. in case of injury to others.

In total, 37 countries will have their players in the Euroleague.

Germany (14) and other traditional basketball countries are behind Lithuania: Spain (13), Italy and Turkey (10 each). 7 players will be from Israel, 6 from Croatia, which from European countries provides the most players for the Euroleague, although it does not have a club in the tournament itself.

Latvia and Senegal will have 3 players each, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Nigeria and Canada.

The geography of Euroleague players is very wide, as many countries will have one basketball player each in an elite European basketball tournament. Australia, Argentina, Sacartwell players fell. Plus, it’s even weird to see these basketball states on one 1-player list with such exotic basketball countries as Cuba, Uruguay, Chad, Jordan or Cape Verde.

Exclusive club – 15 legionnaires, but no local

The most international team in the Euroleague 2021–2022. will be Vitoria’s “Baskonia”.

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If each player in the Baskonia locker room started speaking in their native language, there would be 11 different speakers, as the Vitoria Club is represented by 4 Americans, 2 Lithuanians, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Czech, Serbian, French, Uruguayan, Italian and Cameroonian.

Photo by Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min / Rokas Giedraitis

Photo by Rokas Lukoševičius / 15min / Rokas Giedraitis

Strange, but there are no Spanish speakers on this team. Having had another Spanish basketball player in recent years, this time the Basques are meeting the season without the Spaniards.

The opposite model was Crvena zvezda, which will have the most local players – the Belgrade club has 10 Serbian players.

Vilelbano ASVEL, which will become the opponent of Kaunas “Žalgiris” in Friday’s match, will take the second place according to local basketball players – the French champions have 9 local basketball players in their ranks.

Citizens of three countries

Some players have dual nationalities and some even have three nationalities.

Sasha Vazenkov, one of the leaders of the Piraeus Olympiacos, was born in Cyprus to a Bulgarian family and moved to Greece at the age of 14. The striker representing the Bulgarian national team has the nationality of three countries.

Tristan Vukčevičius, the young middle striker of Real Madrid, also holds three passports – Serbian, Greek and Swedish – in whose lives other countries are also important.

ZUMAPRESS / Scanpix nuotr./Tristanas Vukčevičius

ZUMAPRESS / Scanpix nuotr./Tristanas Vukčevičius

The son of former Serbian basketball player Dušan Vukčevčius was born and raised in Siena, Italy, where his father played, then moved to Greece, where he started playing for the Piraeus Olympiacos. Since 2018, T. Vukčevičius has belonged to the Real system in Spain.

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His mother is a Swedish businessman of Greek descent and a former model, so now Vukčevičius can represent the teams of five countries: Serbia, Greece, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

Among the coaches are mostly Greeks and Montenegrins

The geography of coaches of Euroleague clubs is much narrower – the strategists of all 18 teams are Europeans this season.

Most coaches – 3 from Greece and Montenegro.

The number of Greek specialists is not surprising. Unlike Montenegro, represented by Duško Ivanovičius, Dejan Radonjičius and Zvezdan Mitrovičius. It is worth noting – 600 thousand. the population of the Euroleague has three times as many coaches as players.

The two strategists are from Spain and Italy, although Andrea Trinchieri can also be called an international figure – his mother is Croatian and his grandmother is Montenegrin, and his father lived in the United States and Panama. There he grew up in the family of an Italian diplomat. Trinchieri Trinchieri

The largest number of Lithuanian coaches in the Euroleague was in 2019–2020. season, when Šarūnas Jasikevičius, Rimas Kurtinaitis and Kęstutis Kemzūra led Lithuanian, Greek and Russian clubs.

Now there is one Lithuanian (Š.Jasikevičius) among the coaches, as well as one Serb, one Frenchman, one Croatian and, of course, one Austrian, leading Kaunas “Žalgiris”.

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Martin Schiller

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Martin Schiller


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