Margaret WILL BE FRIENDLY with the Kalush Orchestra! “When the war started, I wrote to them right away”

Group Kalush Orchestra became the big winner of the Eurovision 2022 contest. The original song delighted the audience in front of the TV sets, although the political situation also had an influence on the vote. Interestingly, the song “Stefania” was written before the war and was dedicated to the mother of the singer Oleh Psiukbut after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the song took on a new meaning and the title Stefania became the “motherland”, as the authors talked about.

In addition to the singer, there are multi-instrumentalists in the band Ihor Didenczuk and Witalij Dużykplaying the sopiłka Tymofij Muzyczuk and DJ MC Kilimmen. Everyone is strongly committed to defending the country. They did it, among others by fighting in the territorial defense forces or creating volunteer teams to help evacuate the population and deliver medicines. In one of the interviews, Psiuk also revealed that his the brave sweetheart produces Molotov cocktails in the bunker.

Artists from the Kalush Orchestra they draw on various elements of folklore and traditional Ukrainian music and are prone to musical experiments. She even found out about it Margaretwho met Ukrainians long before it turned out that they would represent their country at Eurovision. It turns out that the singer has made friends with the members of the group and has shared career plans with them. She told about it in an interview with Hawk Post.

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A year ago we met during a festival in Rzeszów. It is a very nice festival where artists from Poland mix with other artists from Ukraine and Belarus. In general, artists from the East mix together to connect our cultures and deepen the relationship between us. I performed with Kalush. He stuck to my song “Sold Out”, I stuck to their song “Gori”. We were there for a few days so got to know each other too. At the beginning it was quite hard, because we artists are usually secretive and we were, too, but after some time we managed to make friends – she betrayed.

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We have some joint publishing plans. We are in touch. When the war started, I wrote to them right away and they have my enormous supportSo I’m glad that such festivals are happening and that you can connect artists from different countries Margaret added.

So far, the Kalush Orchestra has released one album. Their debut album was released in 2021. The name of the band comes from the Ukrainian city of Kalush, from which the singer comes. The attention of Eurovision viewers was certainly drawn to a dancer nicknamed MC Kilimmen, which can be translated into “Man-Carpet”. It is a direct reference to his characteristic, patterned outfit, close to the body.

Do you expect Kalush Orchestra to record something with Margaret soon?

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Competition is a contest, but there is such a thing as gratitude … and we, as usual, we’ll get into everyone and everyone will always … kick us 🫤



Only Poland 🇵🇱🤝❤️

Please ask why they gave us ZERO POINTS

🐩 Blanka talks about you on Instagram 😂

Comments on articles about Eurovision are turned off. I didn’t know you manipulated public opinion in such a way

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if someone writes again that this competition is apolitical, I will laugh at him

I can see censorship on the PUDL. You cannot comment on the post about Eurovision. The truth is that UKRAINE won because of the war and it is not FAIR. So how are we not getting politics mixed up in the song contest? Where they evidently won through the war

The fact that Gośka is friends with this Ukrainian does not surprise me …

Where do I have a comment just written in which I wrote that I did not like the performance of K. Ochman and the dancers with stockings on the face like from horrors! A. Eugurrola please leave the stage, give a younger, more creative chance. The jury from Ukraine had the right to judge the performance according to their taste and criteria. Let’s not do a scandal and let’s not sow.

I personally did not like the performance of K. Ochman. Glos ma, but the song I did not like her performance. Tragic choreography, Egurolla please leave the stage, give the younger ones a chance. just horror! Therefore, the jury from Ukraine had the right to judge this performance in terms of their taste and criteria.

And I still think that they did not give a point because they knew that Ukraine would not win then, and if not looking Krystian is an unbeatable league, real music and, above all, his voice will always be better.

What do you know about friendship, you spoiled steppe, instagram, Facebook-Włiterowo-Snapchat

Let all Ukraine return to their country. Nobody wants them here.

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