Margaret’s confession after being imprisoned in Turkey: “I knew the risks. I’m sorry.”

Markéta Všelichová and Miroslav Farkas were convicted in Turkey for supporting terrorism. The Turks did not like their cooperation with Kurdish YPG troops. They were to serve for six years, were released halfway through, and both Czechs were able to return to their homeland.

“Yes, I always knew exactly what I was doing and why, I also knew the risks and I was ready to bear any consequences. But I did not realize that in the case of a problem, the consequences do not only concern me, but I can cause problems, work and worries for many people who have to deal with the situation. I would like to apologize to them and at the same time thank them for their help and support. Whatever I do in the future, I will do everything to prevent problems that someone else would have to solve… “writes Markéta.

“You know, I used to be very critical of journalists and humanitarian workers who invest tens of thousands in ensuring their comfort and safety. Why? Because I saw with my own eyes that with that money, several villages could live in war-torn Syria for a few months. That’s why I also took land transport through Turkey on that last trip. I won’t give twenty thousand for a ticket. After all, I can provide several families in Syria … Well, now I know that if I cough up the security completely, you can end up locked up for four years like me, and you won’t help anyone at all, and you’re still worth the money. I take a lesson (in the end, that’s what life is about), so after years I understood Miss Lenka and Markéta a little and I apologize to them for the earlier criticism, “Markéta Všelichová realizes.

“This is all for now, friends, I’ve got a negative coward, so I’m going to get some coffee! Thanks to everyone who has stood by me all these years, I would also like to thank those who turned their backs on me, it is not possible to sort out friends and critical situations are as done, ”says Markéta Všelichová.

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