Margarita Robles acknowledges her concern because Spaniards have not been evacuated from Gaza: "The operation is being delayed"

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Spain has been in negotiations for more than a week to try to evacuate Spaniards who have asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help to leave Gaza since Egypt and Israel reached an agreement to open the Strip on November 1. Spain has only managed to get two citizens to cross, who joined the NGO group. Today, during his visit to Bripac, Robles acknowledged the “concern” they feel about the fact that the departure of people with Spanish passports is being delayed.

“The entire team that is in Egypt, both from the Foreign and Defense point of view, is waiting for the departure of Spanish citizens to be authorized,” he explained. He then detailed that There are between 170 and 190 people who have asked Spain for help. Of them “80 are minors.” Although Foreign Affairs does not clarify the number, it seems that the figure has increased over the days, since the first initial list, where some 120 citizens requesting evacuation were considered.

“We are worried because the evacuation operation is being delayed. Several countries have left and Spain has not left,” Robles said bluntly. When asked if it is Egypt or Israel that has to authorize, Robles said that on many occasions it is not about those countries but rather it is in the hands of Hamas. ““It has made certain evacuations difficult.”he has confessed.

Every day, those responsible for the border publish a document with the list of people who can leave Gaza that day. As the wounded have preference, the initial document is not conclusive, but in none of them was there a list of Spaniards, as there were from the United States, Mexico, Jordan and even Japan.

“It is true that priority is being given to the injured, but we are concerned because it is being delayed,” the minister reiterated. She also wanted to send a message of more peace of mind, stating that “the entire evacuation team is waiting so that when we are authorized to be able to approach Rafah and We are confident that this evacuation can be as soon as possible.“.

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