Sport María Antonieta, Mario Carrillo's assistant, reveals that a promoter...

María Antonieta, Mario Carrillo’s assistant, reveals that a promoter campaigned by accusing her of being a ‘witch’

“It hurt me and my family, that’s why I am denouncing him,” he says bluntly. María Antonieta Márquez. His fame or the one that developed around his character permeated in almost a decade behind the technical director Mario Carrillo.

Since his last participation with the Pumas of the ‘Mexican Capello’ (2012), Marie Antoinette reveals he had no more contact with soccer. “There you have a governor (Cuauhtémoc Blanco) with whom I had the opportunity to work, “stresses the first woman recognized as part of a First Division coaching staff.

Doña Antonieta says that she studied in California at the International University. Practice gestal and transcendental meditation. “It is to generate successful people as individuals and at a business level. I not only worked soccer. Most of the young people I had in my hands are successful people,” he confirms.

In that team led by Carrillo were players like Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Pável Pardo, Duilio Davino, ‘Gringo’ Castro and Guillermo Ochoa. “They are the 2005 champions who conquered the title. They also conquered Champion of Champions. Good men,” he is proud.

However, when he is reminded that at that time he was named as ‘The Witch’ his voice changes. “That was done to demystify the work that Mr. Carrillo did in America. Mr. Hurtado is the one who started dating me as a witch just because I was doing a meditation on Mario’s teams,” she recalls.

Regrets over the years that nickname. He maintains that he is a person of good, currently a public notary, who has been affected for many years, as well as his family, because nobody gave him a right of reply that he takes over time today.

“What about the pig’s head they brought to the Blue Cross? question. “That is indeed Santeria … Or footballers and businessmen who are in Santeria. Mr. Hurtado has a lot of communication with Santeria and sought to harm Mr. Carrillo and me in particular. They have never seen me advertise as witch or in acts of witchcraft. Or yes? did you see it? “, he asks again.

Marie Antoinette, who works in real estate, recalls a conflict between Carrillo and Hurtado. The first one no longer wanted to return with the promoter and “there the man began to spread the news that I was engaged in witchcraft, but it is impossible, I remind you that I am the only one who was part of a technical body.”

His track record in soccer was not just about supporting teams led by Carrillo. It reveals for the first time that he was also with Manuel Lapuente. “You know me, why do you just point to Mario Carrillo“He accuses annoying. Then he reveals that coaches like José Manuel ‘Chepo’ de la Torre and Enrique ‘Ojitos’ Meza they required it. “I do not understand why the others are silent. None have asked me for witchcraft. Hopefully the man who accuses me – allegedly Carlos Hurtado– Have the courage to go out and tell me to my face. He has a family, but he is not ashamed, “he explains.

The problem affected him internally even with his children who asked him to come out to clarify the accusations. Marie Antoinette He has three graduated children. “We are good people. Ordinary family. I am the strain of a family that tries to be better.”

Counselor to avoid alcohol and drugs, Marie Antoinette more regrets that today the issue involved a coach like Mario Carrillo. “What they did to Mario was a witch hunt, they pigeonholed him with that idea, but that Mr. Hurtado did … He is still persecuted, it is incredible that he threatened to veto Carrillo.”

He regrets very much that Mario, today an analyst of ESPN, as a sorcerer. He points out that he has seen many coaches with santeía bracelets and nobody accuses them of anything. “The worst luck is that Mr. Carrillo has come across Carlos Hurtado... when he finds it he even loses friends … “.

Cougars and esotericism

Marie Antoinette She claims to be surprised by the statements made by Alberto García Aspe, former president of Pumas, because it assures that ‘Beto’ received talks of gestal and transcendental meditation. “He let me do all the treatment I was doing and then surprisingly put the cry out in the sky. He knows what I do because I did it to him. He went through that treatment.”

Márquez remembers that there were times when Alberto García Aspe He handed out pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe and wondered what does soccer have to do with religion? There were players with other religious beliefs and he made them attend Mass which was counterproductive. “

He accepts that in some sessions the footballers left not because of annoyance, but because they belonged to another group of religions as Jehovah’s Witnesses and they were respected, they were not forced, there was no obligation.

Marie Antoinette maintains at the end of the interview that over the years they interviewed Mario Carrillo, but never to her to give her version. “I do not care that Mr. Hurtado gets angry, we are more angry with the damage he has done to us. It was only fair that I denounce it ”, concludes the famous Marie Antoinette.



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