María Becerra sang a new song in a live and on the networks they compared her with Moni Argento

However, yesterday a video was released that aroused criticism from several of the users of Twitter. María Becerra did a live on Instagram in which, at one point, she allowed herself to grant a small fraction of a song from her next album, which will be released in July.

That song fragment, precisely, did not come out as María Becerra would have liked it to come out and social networks made her notice. It is true that the tuning of the Argentine singer was not the best and that she did not have autotune either, a very useful tool for most artists of this time.

A user discovered that the tone of voice in that video was very similar to that of the character in the series Married with Children “Moni Argento”, played by Florencia Peña. During the 26 seconds that María Becerra interpreted “I don’t know how to overcome you”, several expressed their admiration for the singer, however many of the netizens also questioned her talent.

“It’s Moni Argento singing and I learned to cry, I learned to cry,” wrote one of the Twitter users. And others followed her: “How changed is Moni Argento”, “Moni Argento at least caused grace” or “Moni looks half young.” Another user went even further and combined a video of Moni Argento singing with the audio of María Becerra.

Before the public scorn, some fans of María Becerra came out to support the singer, who did not deserve to have such a bad drink.

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The girl did not remain silent and this Tuesday uploaded an ironic photo to the social network, in which she laughed at those who were criticizing her.

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