María Fernanda Cabal accuses Santos of being behind riots

This was stated Maria Fernanda Cabal in the interview that awarded to Semana magazine to give your opinion on riots in Bogotá that were carried out last night in several CAI of Police of the city.

The congresswoman surprised some by assuring that she believes that the former president Juan Manuel Santos is behind days like this. “Tell me who benefits from a fact and let me think who is behind it. Who benefits from the chaos and destruction in Colombia? Of course Juan Manuel Santos, who has been behind seeing how he hits the claw“Cabal said at first.

Cabal was asked again why she thinks Santos is winning with vandalism and she said: “He benefits because President Duque’s first mistake was not having applied the rear-view mirror to show the country everything that the government of Saints. Second, because Santos is desperate to return to power and continue to control his business partners, the Havana pact was a pact of revolutionary elites”.

But the former president was not the only one who attacked the uribista senator. Claudia López was also the object of criticism from Cabal, who stated: “It leaves much to be desired for a person who is supposed to have the authority to scream in a pandemic but who allows a city to blow upIt has had to militarize it and declare a curfew in the most vandalized towns ”.

Cabal also regretted the police abuse suffered by lawyer Javier Ordóñez. “I abhor actions that clothed with authority end in the death of unarmed people. Why does authority lower the level when it has to be above it? Here what you have to look at is what training they are giving to the Policeman. The Police are here to neutralize and defend us, not to act at the level of the aggressors and even less an unarmed aggressor ”, said the senator.


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