María Guardiola bursts into tears before the ovation of the militants at the closed-door meeting of the PP of Extremadura

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A Maria Guardiola, after some very hard days from a personal point of view after his change of position with Vox that led to the agreement to seal a pact between both formations and preside over the Extremadura joint, he was finally seen to smile. But she also shed tears. The tension has been “brutal”, according to those close to her, and after a few “very hard” days, she could not hold back the tears of emotion at the extraordinary regional board of directors -together with the Executive Committee- that was held last night in a hotel of Merida. High officials were summoned but also any militant who wanted it. It was an “open” meeting for the structure of this party but closed for the media and it was the appointment that everyone was waiting for after being suspended last week so as not to add more noise after a few weeks where Guardiola was at the national target of the political and media hurricane , which made him threaten to present his resignation before genoa, who supported her but marked the way for her to finally achieve the pact with Vox.

In any case, until reaching the hotel room where the conclave was held, hugging the former mayoress of caceres and one of its main collaborators today, Elena Snowy, he was seen with a wide smile, far from the seriousness and even sadness of last Friday, when he sealed the public agreement with the formation of Santiago Abascal in the Assembly of Extremadura.

Inside, with a room packed “as never before”, she was received with a standing ovation and shouts of “president”. She and she collapsed and she could not stop the tears when she was moved on several occasions, not at the beginning of the meeting but when she took the floor to close the act and received a standing ovation. “She got very emotional on several occasions and she had to stop talking,” some of those present highlighted.

In the previous interventions of the leadership of the party in Extremadura, what they consider to be a pact with Vox “very positive” when it comes to making concessions was highlighted, especially if compared to what Vox’s interlocutors began asking for: three ministries and a vice president to the creation of a new council that in the PP is interpreted as, in practice, “two general directorates”, those of Forest Management y Rural World. This was explained to the attendees by the Secretary General of the Popular Party of Extremadura, Abel Bautista, as THE WORLD has learned. So he reiterated in assessing the pact, even if it is ultimately a coalition government, as “very positive.”

During the conclave, Guardiola asserted that “for those who voted for us and for those who did not” an agreement has been signed with Vox “for governance and political change in Extremadura” whose fundamental pillar, he assured, “It is the interest of the people of Extremadura.” And she added that for her “there is nothing more important than them. We have separated what separates us and sought what unites us. We are going to launch the Government of change », she said.

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