María Jesús Montero, left hand to negotiate the Budgets and ‘plan b’ for Andalusia

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Few now remember that María Jesús Montero was part of the PSOE Guarantees Committee in the fall of 2016, when the party imploded and forced the resignation of its then general secretary. She was one of the three members of that internal control body, close to Susana Díaz, who maneuvered to precipitate the departure of Pedro Sánchez and leave the party in the hands of a manager.

Seven years have passed since then and no one can deny Maria Jesus Monterowhich maintains the Treasury and ascends to Fourth Vice Presidencywho has become one of the members of the Minister council most loyal to the president, one of those who has provided him with the most efficient services throughout a poisoned legislature: in the Treasuryin the government spokesperson or in the deputy secretary general of the PSOEperhaps the position that least fit his preferences because he never enjoyed organic politics.

Maria Jesus Montero (Sevilla, 1966) repeats in the hard core of the new Government of Pedro Sánchez after earning a well-deserved reputation for politics that warm the chair in meetings and does not get up until it has achieved its objectives.

With a PSOE in an absolute minority in the Congress of Deputiesthe Minister of Finance has managed to carry out three budgets against many predictions, hand in hand, in the last stage, with the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños.

With an imperative but at the same time empathetic character, he has been able to act as a bridge between Yolanda Díaz and Nadia Calviño every time sparks flew regarding the approval of the interprofessional minimum wage or the labour reform.

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