María Luisa da Silva closes 2020 with three published books

María Luisa da Silva, a writer from Ciudad Real based in Ávila, has published three new books this year of the pandemic, for a total of six, all of them of different literary genres.

The first of them, which he presented in our capital in July, is Duendes de Azucar, Cinnamon and Lemon, a book of modern poetry, with sweet and original content, whose theme is love, personal and social situations, published by Editorial Platero . The presentation was held at the San Francisco de Ávila municipal auditorium on July 2, accompanying the reading of the poems with the music of the flamenco guitarist Adrián Berlanas, in which it was one of the first cultural celebrations of the city. city ​​after the pandemic.

The second book is Tras la sangre de mi camisa, a novel of stories based on real events, published by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and participated in the StoryTeller 2020 international literary contest. Olalla’s story and the legacy of a Rocha It was produced in Brazatortas (Ciudad Real), it is the story of love and heartbreak of the author’s maternal great-great-grandparents: Olalla and the Portuguese José Rocha, the story delves into the history of the protagonists as well as the social, economic and political factors of The time. Another of his stories, The three children of Horcajo, is a story known to all the locals of Ciudad Real, which occurred in Minas del Horcajo, which is highly documented. The author confesses that while writing it over several mornings, after getting under the skin of many moments that occurred, she could not help crying bitterly from the emotion that invaded her at the intensity of the emotions.

The other four stories are very different from the previous ones, tackling other very intense stories full of sensitivity, eroticism or mystery: Arancha and her authentic identity. Unexpected turnaround, Double life, double face and After the blood on my shirt.

The third, entitled The Little Litufa Witch and Her Adventures, is a 58-page children’s story that the writer herself has been commissioned to illustrate, with very funny, original content and with some teachings based on human values. It has been published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, with the purpose of once published in paper format to make a series of donations to children is a state of vulnerability and is also for sale on Amazon at the symbolic price of 3.80 euros, for those who want to give away culture for Christmas, at a base price as solidarity support in the face of this crisis caused by the pandemic.


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