Maria Maksakova compared her daughter with Lucifer // Look

Maria Maksakova continues to fight for the capital’s real estate and to sue her own children who have filed a lawsuit against the opera singer. On the eve of the new meeting, Maria commented on the situation in her family and spoke unflatteringly about the heirs.

Maria Maksakova is experiencing a scandal in the family: because of real estate, her own son and daughter filed a lawsuit against her. In an interview with reporters, the singer told how she now feels in relation to the heirs.

Maksakova is sure: judgment between her and the children rigged by ex-husband. Vladimir Tyurin, the artist believes, sets Ilya and Lyudmila against their mother, buying their trust with money and a comfortable life. Maria hoped that her relationship with her daughter and son would improve, but this did not happen.

“After last conversation with my daughter Lyusenka, I was convinced that when I talked about her “angry”, I was minimizing the amount of trouble. After all, Lyusenka is a diminutive on behalf of Lucifer, “said Maria.

Maria Maksakova is trying to deprive Tyurin of parental rights, but in advance considers the case to be hopeless. The opera diva fears that her ex-husband will continue to abuse his influence, cripple the psyche of teenagers and make them “short-sighted and obedient performers.”

The next hearing in the case of Maksakova’s real estate is scheduled for July 28. If Maria does not win, she intends to appeal, writes “Starhit”.

Last month Maria Maksakova became the heroine of the program “The fate of man”… The woman commented on the court, stating that she was “just undressed”, and also spoke about threats from her husband and conflicts with mother.

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