Maria Sadowska celebrates her 46th birthday, sailing on the lake in a Brave bikini (PHOTOS)

Holiday season started in earnest. No wonder that many Polish celebrities have already embarked on holidays abroad, while some have decided to relax in the bosom of their homeland. Of course, the Baltic beaches and Polish lakes are particularly popular among the visitors of the walls, which are certainly a godsend in the face of extremely high temperatures currently prevailing in the country. And so in recent days you could meet, for example, in Jurata Grażyna Szapołowska, in Masuria she relaxed Katarzyna Cichopek.

She also decided to relax by the water Maria Sadowska. Singer and director recently went to the lake in the company of friends. On Monday, Sadowska celebrated her 46th birthday and decided on this occasion go on a water trip. On Wednesday, the celebrity published the video on Instagram during a cruise on the lake, by the way, revealing that after many years she had the opportunity to recall some sailing skills.

Each day of my birthday is actually my friends’ day, I always try to spend it with them. It’s also nice to remember years later that you have a sailor’s license! – she wrote.

Sadowska shared a few shots from shipping with fans. The freshly baked 46-year-old showed the world how smiling from ear to ear admiring the picturesque views and posing on the deck in an original bathing suit. The director went on an expedition in a short striped top decorated with frills, which she chose bold, well-cut hemline in the color of juicy turquoise with animal print.

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I thank you, my dear fellow witnesses and participants in My Story, for being with me all these years and that I can always count on you. Thanks to you, passing away hurts less – we read.

Sadowska’s post was full of warm words, both from her fans and famous friends. The director was greeted by, among others Anita Sokołowska, Olga Borys and Katarzyna Wołejnio.

A beautiful woman, the best one; Sensational; All the best and always such a beautiful smile on your face – Internet users wrote in the comments.

See how Maria Sadowska celebrates her 46th birthday, sailing on the lake in a bold bikini.

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Rozenek will soon be 25 years old 🙂

If in another country, e.g. in the USA, the father of a famous artist was accused of pedophilia, this artist would have to refer to this quality and comment on it. In Poland, everyone pretends that nothing happened. Especially her fellow artists. I saw several interviews with her, in which she talked about her happy childhood, about her parents. And no journalist asked about my father’s case. It is disregarding and downplaying very serious allegations.

What do they all have with those bikini bottoms

Where do you see a bold bikini?

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WHAT IS THIS SALT? and by the way, a better toothpaste would work

The Sadowski family – we remember!

What’s up with my daddy?

Daughter of her daddy. Very unsightly in every version.

all the best. Privately, she must be a cool grandmother with a sense of humor

She is 46 years old? ????It doesn’t look like that

there is no uk …

22 h ago

Exactly..what about the father? molested you too?

what about daddy? quietly … Mr. Siekielski, go to work … take care of this matter ….

Well summer girls are flying but she looks fine hundred years

I have the impression that this is all writing about Dubai, which in general is a representative center in terms of architecture, technology and business, but also has a very restrictive law, I think that all this more reflects the clash of big stars with reality and that they feel like here in Poland cool and casual, so in other places around the world their people will not be welcomed ..

And where is harnaś and a pet in my hand I ask? Anyway, it’s a greeting to Dad

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