María, the image of the anguish experienced in Zaragoza during the storm

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Among the many scenes of “panic and fear” that, according to the mayor, Natalia Chueca, the city of Zaragoza experienced last Thursday evening due to the historic storm of rain and hail, one has gone viral and has gone around the world. world.

It is the image of a young woman standing on the hood of her car and holding on tightly, to avoid being dragged by the current of water and mud, until the firefighters rescue her. on the edge.

The protagonist of the story, one of the most visible faces of the anguish experienced during the storm, has been identified. Her name is María L. and she is from the Teruel town of Monreal del Campo, the town of saffron that has a museum dedicated to the cultivation of this delicate flower.

His family is well known in the town, since his parents, already retired, ran an electrical appliance store. They assure that relatives and neighbors of the aforementioned town in Teruel shared their anguish when they recognized María in the videos posted on social networks.

Something similar happened to everyone who saw the images. For example, the politician Pablo Echenique wrote on his Twitter account: “Very attentive to the terrible floods in Zaragoza. In almost three decades of living there, I have never seen anything like it. The images that come to me make my hair stand on end. I am in shock. They tell me that, fortunately, this woman was rescued by firefighters.” And it included the video with the images of María on the roof of her car.

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