Marian Banaś will lose his immunity? The content of the Prosecutor’s Office’s application to the Sejm was leaked

  • According to, the application of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok has almost 60 pages, and the case files are 80 volumes
  • Investigators want to bring a dozen or so charges to the current head of the Supreme Audit Office, including false statements in property declarations and tax declarations
  • Banaś was also supposed to persuade the Director of the Tax Administration in Kraków to unlawfully disclose information about the activities carried out in his case by the CBA
  • As indicated in the material, the investigators are also convinced that Marian Banaś participated in a kind of financial pyramid regarding the turnover of works of art
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Marian Banaś without immunity? The prosecution’s allegations

As we read in the material, the accusations that the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok wants to bring against Marian Banas already concern 2015, when he was the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Finance – the head of the Customs Service.

The portal, quoting the prosecutor’s office’s request to the Sejm, writes: “on November 19, 2015, holding a leading state position (…), being instructed about criminal liability for illegal submissions, stated untruth in the declaration of financial standing as to the amount of resources held by it cash, lowering their size to the amount of PLN 500,000 thousand, while he had cash in the amount of PLN 554,284.60, ie by the amount of PLN 54,284.60 “.

The next accusations of the prosecutor’s office – as indicated by the authors of the material – concern “twin situations”. “According to investigators, Marian Banaś lowered his financial resources in 2016 by the amount of PLN 171,721.85, on December 7, 2016 – PLN 399,351.70 (here, in addition, the money invested in a financial product and in a work of art was to be undisclosed) by Roberto Santo, “Guardian Angel”) “, we read.

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In turn, in 2017 – as writes – Marian Banaś was to lower his cash resources by PLN 68 thousand. zloty. “According to the investigators, a similar situation was supposed to take place in 2018. Here the understatement was estimated at PLN 445,055.02” – it was written.

The portal notes that the investigators also traced Banas’ property declarations submitted in 2019. “In their opinion, on February 28, 2019, the then head of the National Revenue Administration reduced his cash resources by PLN 442,276.82. The same was to happen on June 4, 2019, when the understatement, according to investigators, amounts to as much as PLN 493,906.01.On August 30, 2019, Banaś was to lower his cash by the amount of PLN 548,540.53 “- informs the portal.

As it was added, the investigators are also dealing with the issue of possible reductions of the tax due from 2014 to 2019. According to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok – as noted – Marian Banaś thus depleted the state treasury to the amount of PLN 53 278. The case concerns real estate at ul. Krasicki in Krakow. “The market value of the rent for such property was over PLN 14,000. Meanwhile, Banaś, according to the prosecutor’s office, was to transfer the property to a person representing the” K “company and drew up three different contracts with them. In these contracts, the rent amounts ranged from 4,000 up to PLN 8,200. ” – it was written.

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Banas’ correspondence with Tadeusz G. writes that the prosecutor’s office, in its motion to the Sejm to waive the immunity of Marian Banas, also raises the issue of contacts and joint activities of Marian Banas and Tadeusz G., former head of the Tax Administration Chamber in Krakow. In November 2019, Marian Banaś was to obtain information from Tadeusz G. about the control activities of the tax office against a man to whom Banaś leased real estate. “The gentlemen corresponded with each other using e-mail accounts. Marian Banaś was to use an account called» «” – we read in the material.

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“» (…) In the course of the activities it was established that the actual user of the account is Marian Banaś, and logins to the indicated account were also made at the seat of the Supreme Chamber of Control. (…) Moreover, the context of all text messages disclosed in the indicated post office shows beyond any doubt that the users of the indicated e-mail addresses are Marian Banaś and Tadeusz G. «” – he writes quoting the prosecution’s request.

It was also added that a similar correspondence was to take place in July 2020. The portal indicates that Marian Banaś was to – according to the prosecutor’s office – inquire about the activities of the CBA, which examined the business contacts of the current president of the Supreme Audit Office, using an e-mail account.

“This cooperation is evidenced by the e-mails reached by the investigators:

July 3, 2020, 21.00. Tadeusz G., director of the Tax Chamber in Krakow writes to Marian Banas:

They will not forgive you, Boss, or your family

5 July 2020, 11.43. Marian Banaś writes back to Tadeusz G:

(…) if you have something more, enter the password they are searching for

5 July at 2020, h. 22.12. Tadeusz G. writes back to Marian Banas:

Password. Son’s companies and contractors of son’s companies “- reports the portal.

Financial pyramid and works of art

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As indicated in the material, the investigators are convinced that Marian Banaś participated in a kind of financial pyramid related to the trade in works of art. “According to their findings, on October 26, 2016, Marian Banaś was to pay PLN 50,000 to his bank account. On the same day, he transferred PLN 68,000 to the account of the art gallery for the purchase of works of art. Meanwhile, on September 9, 2016, Banaś concluded with an agreed person a contract for the sale of a sculpture by Roberto Sante “Guardian Angel” worth PLN 68 thousand, while on May 23, 2017 he received PLN 78 thousand in connection with the purchase of the sculpture from him. working out a financial pyramid regarding the so-called “investment art” “- writes

“The so-called art investment consisted in the purchase of a work of art from an agreed person or participation in it, subject to a reservation in the contract on the possibility of repurchasing the work at a predetermined price” – the portal states, quoting information from the prosecutor’s office.

The portal, citing the justification of the prosecutor’s office’s motion, writes: “The very extensive evidence gathered in the course of the investigation of the Białystok Regional Prosecutor’s Office fully indicates the perpetration of Marian Banas, the evidence has been verified, complement each other and undoubtedly form the facts described in the application”. The prosecutor’s office further notes that the extensive evidence gathered in the case “requires further investigation of Marian Banas, who should obtain the status of a suspect.”

According to, the application of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok has almost 60 pages, and the case files have 80 volumes.

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