Mariana Garza says she always knew that Pablo Perroni was bisexual

MEXICO CITY, July 19 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- Mariana Garza finally broke the silence about her divorce from Pablo Perroni, with whom she was married for 11 years and had her daughter, María.

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The ex-Timbiriche spoke from the moment she met the actor who was also an actor and explained that it was during the staging of “Regina” at the San Rafael Theater that “Cupid flew them in and that when they decided to get married they were very much in love.

Also He explained that it was he who decided to end their marriage, even though she already knew about his sexual tastes.

“He decided that he no longer wanted to be with me because since I have known him I know that he is bisexual. He had had some partners that I know and he decided that no, that it was no longer working, that what had happened was no longer happening and so that we got married “, he assured the program” The minute that changed my destiny “by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

The actress of “Reaching a Star” and “Lying to live” explained that during all the time they were together it was never difficult for her to accept the sexual orientation of her ex-husband, since she always respected him in that sense.

“For me it is not something that I understand, what it means to be bisexual and feel attraction and fall in love with a person, a man and a woman. I have not experienced it, I respect it, I accept it. It does not cause me any conflict, for me morally it doesn’t represent something I don’t agree with “, he clarified.

Mariana Garza took advantage of the moment to clear up the rumors that an infidelity was the cause that her relationship with Perroni ended and gave her point of view regarding the deceptions.

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I do not agree with infidelity, there is no way. I don’t think … it’s not okay, I don’t think you can fall in love with several people. I think you can fall in love with one person and feel attracted or hot to another, but it is not worth it, love can last as long as everyone is willing to last.

“It is not that you are in love and now, it is a daily job, it is a conviction, it is a commitment. It is a job, you have to do it daily and that was our agreement,” he considered on the subject and confirmed that before there was an infidelity they had already separated.

The couple married in 2006 and two years later their daughter was born, but by then she had already been a mother because at 26 she gave birth to Shamadhi, the result of a relationship with Benjamín Alarcón, musician from Botellita de Jerez.


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