Marianna Dufek reveals how the antics of Kamil Durczok had an impact on their son: “Through all these scandals WALKED THE YEAR in college”

In 2017 ended ongoing 22 years marriage Marianna Dufek i Kamil Durczok. After divorce Marianna consistently avoided media attention, avoiding giving any interviews. Only now unknown facts have come to light. In a recently published post on Facebook, Dufek admitted five years since the divorce she was bound by a silence clausewhich was one of the terms of the concluded contract.

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Finally, years later, Durczok’s ex-wife decided to give honest interview Mateusz Szymkowiak, who appeared in “Fashion Magazine”. In an interview with a journalist, Marianna told about my husband’s exorbitant wages, his susceptibility to addiction and self-destruction. The woman made it clear that her relationship with the boss of Facts was extremely debilitating for her.

The topic of Durczok’s son appeared in the conversation. It turns out that Kamil junior, who keeps his distance from the world of show business, also paid a high price for the mistakes of his father, who did not avoid scandals and alcohol.

During all these scandals, he failed a year in college. And then his father, in the fit of an upbringing, decided that it would be good for the Young to go to work. For a year he worked for him at the Silesion portal. I think it was a difficult experience – admitted Dufek.

Durczok’s son even changed his name to not be associated with the father.

He now has a two-part surname. The final decision was made after the famous A1 rally. He has the same name as his father … I didn’t realize what mistake I was making in agreeing in 1996 that his name was Kamil. That I deprive him of the possibility of living on my own. The fact that in the future “Kamil Durczok” will mean so much will be so known in various contexts Marianna confessed bitterly.

Interestingly, Marianna’s son appears on his Facebook profile only under the surname Dufek.

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Yes, I think …

2 days ago

Marianna evidently needs to throw it out, I think in order to straighten out a few facts and close this chapter. I feel sorry for the experiences and wish you good luck ­čÖé

Why call a child like a father?

Kamil junior had to work in Silesion together with the “famous” lover of Durczok, Julia Ole┼Ť, no wonder that it was a difficult experience for him.

I feel sorry for this son.

It’s a pity for the boy, the father seems to have money and opportunities, but what if he lost to his demons …

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fun to spit on a guy I didn’t like but who can’t defend himself … it’s strange to blame my father for his son’s failure in college. I know many cases when parents died or were seriously ill and no one thought to blame them for something that did not work out in life. that was it because it looks disgusting

Mrs. Dufek, if you love your son, please do not slander his father in the name of this love, and do not make your son a victim of fate. He failed his exams because he hadn’t mastered the material.

hate is the content begotten by the hidden under the slogan max

Pity the boy looks normal, not his fault that he had such a father

well, it has started, why do all this, the dead should be left alone, they cannot defend themselves anymore!

“The price of the divorce was my silence” maybe because Kamil knew that his wife would talk about everything ?! And sexual preferences are a private matter for everyone! Women get divorced because there is alcohol, violence, addictions at home, and they want to cut themselves off from this life, and Marianna makes money on it! If she believed that what he was doing was so wrong, it was necessary not to accept such conditions, but to “save” others! She is a hypocrite and that’s it! Slander the dead who cannot defend himself! She lived with him for many years, and she still defended him – because she had money from it!

Kamil Durczok never talked about Marianna, but he was probably proud of his son. So why these outbursts? ran out of money?

With age, my son becomes more mature, he only needs to fix the bite and it will be completely cool. You can see that for the kid he was breathing through his mouth, and not through his nose.

So everyone knows that Dufek is Durczok. The lady liked the fact that everyone would know who her son was, but she did not expect such an ending. Now that her ex-husband is dead, she could give herself this sincere confession. I recommend the confessional! It is a shame that publishing houses are paying a fortune for this “honest” scribble for little ones.

Well, I did not expect that after his death he would start working dirty. Very unfair. Why tell this. The divorce contract was stronger it was impossible to keep silent. Now why is the language loose? For the sake of her son’s peace, she should remain silent.

Hey but is she really so confident, so sure of her infallibility, that she claims to be an opinion now that no one can correct anything? If he has to, he has no friends to tell him to? Let him not spoil his image any more, because he knows perfectly well that this is what killed him internally during his lifetime. Losing face. Remember yourself, woman. I don’t want to read any more bad things about him ????

Stop judging Durczok after his worst years. Anyone normal would break down and swim after what they did to him. You don’t remember what he was like before, really? After all, it was SOMEONE, he had an amazing personality. Everything was correct in him. Only a rat could destroy such a man. .

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