Marianna Schreiber confesses that she miscarried: “I did not have the strength to live”

Though Marianna Schreiber She quickly dropped out of “Top Model”, a short appearance on TVN allowed the aspiring model to gather her own audience on Instagram. Not only that, the would-be “topmodel” threatens to launch a YouTube channel as well, and from there it is a short way to become a fully-fledged influencer.

Minister’s wife Łukasz Schreiber Every now and then he puts in new posts and reports, providing Internet users with inspiring thoughts and answering questions asked by fans. As if that was not enough, she founded a blog …

On his new website Marianna Schreiber told about the turbulent beginnings of acquaintance with her future husband, who soon after meeting them began his political career as a PiS councilor.

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The aspiring model emphasizes that Łukasz Schreiber from the very beginning he “was able to cool down emotions” and had “baggage of experiences” behind him, so he brought her to earth when she could not see the world outside of him.


From Marianna’s rather chaotic entry, we learn that on at an early stage of her acquaintance with her future husband, she lost an unplanned pregnancy. A balanced politician and an emotional student however, they could not be sufficient support for each other. After a miscarriage Marianna “broke into millions of pieces” and “did not have the strength to live”. Then they broke up.

I had a miscarriage in 2014. Then we broke up. I broke up into millions of pieces. The doctor says: Stop smearing, nothing like that happened “(hospital in Warsaw), but I did not have the strength to live. It was my first biggest pain. We were surprised by the pregnancy, but we were glad. However, we did not bear the burden of this madness, this harm and desires. I had to learn to live anew – describes Marianna.

That year my dear father died (I wish I could say goodbye. I would say what I wanted) – an incredibly wise man. The smartest I’ve ever known. Łukasz was very similar to him, maybe that’s why he attracted me so much, because he reminded me of my dad. I felt safe with Łukasz, I felt taken care of. 2014 was the worst year of my life (I thought so then). Although later he came back and wanted to build our history from scratch – we read.


What do you think, what will Marianna Schreiber still describe and show in the media?

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