Marianna Schreiber performed with Kuba Wojewódzki. She revealed the truth about the marriage. Will there be a divorce?

The performance of the wife of the PiS minister in the “Top Model” program was a real breakthrough in her life. At that time, the media became interested in her person, and she also gained a lot of followers on Instagram.

After that, everything happened very quickly. Marianna Schreiber began to show bolder photos online, accompanied by strong entries. She hasn’t even hesitated to publish shots where she poses completely naked.

In the meantime, she started a blog and shocked everyone in the first post, revealing, among others, that a few years ago she had a miscarriage.

On the wave of her popularity, Marianna Schreiber has now appeared in the program of Kuba Wojewódzki.

As in the case of “Top Model” she wrote herself that her husband did not know that she would participate in the program, the host asked her if Łukasz Schreiber knew about her performance this time. The blogger apparently is fed up with this question, as she was a bit agitated.

Moreover, she spoke very warmly about him!

The provincial, however, delved into the topic, referring to the party’s policy with which Łukasz Schreiber is associated. Marianna Schreiber then specified that “he is a good man, disregarding politics”.

She also answered yes to the question of whether her husband was restricting her. As she admitted, she was a rebellious person before the wedding.

Many people wondered whether the recent actions of Marianna Schreiber and the manifestation of views contrary to her husband’s views would adversely affect her marriage. There were even rumors of an alleged divorce.

She was also asked about this during a visit to Kuba Wojewódzki’s program. When asked if she was going to divorce, she replied:

Do you think he will wait?


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