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Mariano Martínez uploaded a video without a shirt and they made fun of him | DailyShow

Mariano Martinez He is one of the famous Argentinean celebrities who often uses his social networks a lot. From family photos to sensual images, the actor shares everything with his fans.

However, in recent months the protagonist of “Separadas” was teased for some videos he made on the “TikTok” platform. Many branded him as “old” and others as “foreign shame”.

During the mandatory quarantine, the “gallant” takes advantage of his free time making more videos and shared one in which he is seen without a shirt, with a “mischievous” face while listening to a woman fill him with aggressive flattery.

“What are you doing to yourself, the pretty, handsome, shitty …? Why don’t you go to the … of your mother, bonbon del ort …? You become the model and you are more precious than shit. .. I came that you re cag … kisses because you already have me re in love, forr … fallen from the sky “, says the audio while he smiles.

“Other people’s shame Mariano Martinez and his ego. Did you see the tik tok he did?”, wrote a Twitter user. “I do not understand the logic of Mariano Martínez in which he thinks ‘I am going to film myself in leather with a background audio flattering myself’ as a good idea”, added another.

Check out the video of Mariano Martínez without a shirt that generated ridicule!



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