Marie Claire | Moon in Pisces, how it affects your sign on Friday, April 9

Today’s Moon in Pisces. Mercury also joins Chiron in Aries and Mars is in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. A great energy revolution.

With Mercury in conjunction with Chiron there are conversations or understandings that trigger insecurities or touch sensitive points. Going through the situation, having the conversation and not avoiding it, understanding what is awakening in you is important, because you could deny that this is happening or make yourself strong and activate Mars in square Neptune, which may take you further. go ahead to act Without a good foundation or information, you would not be making informed decisions.

Another tall manifestation of Mars square Neptune it is good surrender. Knowing that we cannot control things and that when we do not know what to do we have to let it flow, but again, not because we are paralyzed by fear but because it has not worked by force.

Astral weather it is of a lot of movement. Take off the blindfold and follow your instincts and go ahead.

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