Mario Batali is accused of indecent assault

Photo: Craig Barritt (Getty Images)

Mario Batali, famous chef and condescending talk show guest, is accused of accusations of sexual violence against him. For NBC Boston, Batali – who has been accused of inappropriate behavior by a number of women, leading him to be fired from his talk series Chewingand surrenders his holdings in his various restaurants – he should be charged with charges of indecent assault and battery in Friday's Massachusetts.

The Suffolk County district attorney's office confirmed that Batali was charged in connection with a crime that took place in Boston's Back Bay on March 31, 2017, allegedly a previously reported incident in which he offered a selfie to a woman in one of her restaurants, then presumably proceeded to kiss and touch her. The name Batali was one of the first to be listed during the first days of the #MeToo movement, and his attempt to "apologize" in a tone-deaf way, which included a recipe for cinnamon roll, was a hallmark of the municipality depressing "Men give surprisingly lousy answers to being accused of serious harassment or aggression" kind of literature emerged in the last two years.

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