Mario Segale died, the man who inspired Super Mario


Mario Segale, an Italian living in the United States, died on 27 October. Who was? He was an entrepreneur in real estate in Washington. Among its tenants had Nintendo of America.

With the death of Rye at the age of 84, the story of how Super Mario was born, an institution in the world of video games, re-emerges.

The first time the character appeared on a screen was in the video game Donkey Kong. Everyone remembers: he had to overcome some obstacles that a giant monkey was throwing at him. He had limited movements since he could only jump and move forward and that was why he was called Jumpman. However, since it did not have a very commercial name, Nintendo decided to change it and called it Mario for Rye.

The story says that the company did not have enough money to keep an office away from Japan and was back in paying the rent. Rye has forgiven the debt and Nintendo, as a gesture of thanks to the goodness of the owner, has decided to name his character in his honor. The Italian spoke in an interview with the Seattle Times in 1993, when the game had just sold 100 million copies. He said that it was Minoru Arakawa, who was entrusted with the task of installing Nintendo of America, who told him that the videogame hero had his name. In the publication he joked that he was still waiting for his commission.



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