Mario Vargas Llosa declared his support for Carlos Mesa in the Bolivian elections

Mario Vargas Llosa shows his support for Carlos Mesa

The Peruvian writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, on Thursday dedicated a message “to the Bolivian people” in front of the presidential elections on October 18, They have as favorites former President Carlos Mesa and Luis Arce, the former Minister of Economy who is supported by Evo Morales.

“This Sunday the Bolivian people must make a decision that will have enormous importance not only for Bolivia, but also for all of Latin America,” the poet warned in a video where I call “All the opposition” to make “a fist around Carlos Mesa, who is the candidate who is in the best conditions” to defeat the dolphin of Evo Morales, exiled in Argentina.

In the recording, released by the International Foundation for Freedom (FIL), Vargas Llosa explained his concern for the political scene in the Andean country: “I spent my first 10 years in Bolivia and I have never forgotten that experience. I have a lot of affection for Bolivia and for Bolivians, who represent my childhood. Because I have followed step by step what happened politically in Bolivia and I believe that the experience of having a president like Evo Morales has been a real disgrace for the Bolivian people and without a doubt for the rest of Latin America ”.

“I believe that the Bolivian people have done very well by getting rid of Evo Morales in an election that he tried to rig to permanently install himself in power. That’s why i think It is very important that in this election all the opposition that represents democracy, traditional democracy, liberal democracy, make a fist around Carlos Mesa, who is the candidate who is in the best conditions to win these elections. “

Carlos Mesa and Luis Arce, candidates for president of Bolivia

And concluded: “Hopefully this support, which is a support for democracy, which is support for freedom, for legality, win a victory. It will be a victory for the Bolivian people that will have enormous benefits for Bolivians and without a doubt for the rest of Latin America ”.

Three candidates have already withdrawn

This October 18, Bolivians will elect the president, vice president, senators and deputies for a five-year term.

And this Thursday the Nationalist Democratic Action (ADN) became the third party to be left out of the elections to withdraw the candidacy by María Bayá; decision previously made by the Juntos movement, with the nomination of the interim president of the country, Jeanine Áñez, and Libre 21, which promoted the nomination of the former president Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga.

Bayá occupied one of the last locations of the electoral preference according to different polls, with less than 3 percent which is the electoral threshold that allows a political group to maintain its legal personality.

The presidential candidate of the Bolivian Citizen Community party, Carlos Mesa, speaks during a conference organized by the Association of International Press Correspondents (ACPI) of Bolivia today, in La Paz (EFE / Martin Alipaz)

This element can be considered one reason why ADN, a historic party in Bolivia, has chosen to maintain that status instead of running the risk of disappearing, although One of the reasons the organization put forward was to avoid dividing the vote against the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), first in the polls.

The Juntos party explained that its withdrawal was made to support the second in the polls to prevent the MAS from winning, while Quiroga had admitted that his candidacy was hardly going to reach the first seats in the election.

The polls have projected that the first place of the electoral preference is for the former Minister of Economy of Evo Morales, Luis Arce, with at least 30 percent at the head of the Movement Toward Socialism. Then follows the former president Carlos Mesa, with about 25%. To win in the first round, the Bolivian constitution requires 50% of the votes or 40 percent with a difference of 10 compared to the second. Therefore with these results there would be a second round and the polls show a leadership in voting intention of Mesa against Arce.

The candidacies enabled to compete this Sunday have been limited to five. The aforementioned Luis Arce. for the MAS, and Carlos Mesa from the Citizen Community, as well as former civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho from Creemos, the Presbyterian pastor of Korean origin Chi Hyun Chung for the Frente Para la Victoria and Feliciano Mamani from the Bolivian National Action Party are still in the race electoral.

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