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So, like that, eminent representatives of the CAQ (Colonie Artistique Québécoise) disapprove of the nomination of Maripier Morin at the Artis gala …

They are outraged that the actress of The fault is found in the category “female role, seasonal drama series”.

Excuse me, folks, but what would you want? That Maripier Morin is hiding under a rock for the next 60 years?

How long will she be on the penalty bench?


Artists like Katherine Levac, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Catherine Brunet, Catherine Saint-Laurent have expressed on social media their indignation that Maripier Morin still dares to have an artistic existence. “This appointment is violent,” even wrote an activist from the Colonie Artistique Québécoise.

I would like to remind all these artists loved by the public that it is precisely the public who votes for the nominations at the Artis gala.

It is by means of a Léger survey that we determine who ends up on the list of finalists. It is Mr. and Mrs. Tout-le-Monde who spontaneously gave the name of the actress and who “rehabilitated” her.

Even if the appointments were decided by a committee of peers or an Academy, Maripier Morin has the right to be judged on her professional qualities, like all others.

Arnaud Soly and Félix-Antoine Tremblay have hidden the name of Maripier Morin on the list of finalists. This is called the “culture of cancellation”. When a person displeases us, we make him disappear. But why this censorship? Will this do justice to the victim?

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau has found another way to denounce the choice of Maripier Morin. She congratulated her: “comrades and friends of great talent, with irreproachable behavior and work ethic nominated for the Gala Artis”.

It’s weird, I had no idea that nominations for the Artis gala were determined by the Moral Inquisition Tribunal. God, how naïve I am: I thought we nominated in the best actress category … the best actresses!

I have a message for the artists who tore their shirts because of Maripier Morin. You spend your time talking to us about compassion, caring, and above all, above all, inclusion.

But how soon will you accept that Maripier Morin “the sinner” turns the page on her past? What sentence did you sentence her to: five years, ten years or life?

Even the most serious criminals have the right to parole before the end of their sentence.

Another question: for how long are you going to ask those who hire Maripier Morin to justify their choice?

Mariloup Wolfe had to submit to a real inquisition, a court of well-thought because she dared to assert that Maripier Morin had passed a good audition for the film Arlette, by Marie Vien.

Come back!

The good gang

They are funny, our artists: when the public adopts them, they find that the public has good taste. But if the public likes someone they have “left out” then the public has bad taste.

If Maripier Morin wins this Artis award, perhaps it will be quite simply because Quebecers find her a good actress.

And this is perhaps what bothers the Quebec Artistic Colony so much.

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