Marit Bjørgen becomes TV 2’s cross-country expert

In «Vinterstudio» on TV 2 every night at 21.35 Marit Bjørgen will comment on what is happening from the WC in Oberstdorf. Together with anchor Siri Nilminie Avlesen-Østli, Bjørgen will follow the World Cup closely from the couch at home in Oslo.

– There will be a lot of commitment, feelings, opinions, nervousness and probably also a little frustration from me, says Marit Bjørgen.

– We are proud to have the World Cup medalist of all time on the team. Marit Bjørgen has unique insight and experience, and is passionate about skiing. There will be subjects and emotions in beautiful union, says sports editor Vegard Jansen Hagen in TV 2.

TV 2 Sporten aims to always have an engaging, relevant and interesting coverage of the major sporting events – regardless of whether the channel has the rights or not.

– And with the great attention that follows a World Ski Championships, Marit Bjørgen is the perfect match, says Jansen Hagen.

TV 2 will have extensive coverage of the World Cup from Oberstdorf. There will be a live center on with ongoing updates during the exercises. Siri Nilminie Avlesen-Østli and Marit Bjørgen will be here – directly from the sofa at Bjørgen’s home. Petter Skinstad will be from Lillehammer, in addition to current guests from Oberstdorf. Several current video episodes with the B-team will also be broadcast. In addition, there will be “Afterski” every night on with Ida Moseng and Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset.

Marit Bjørgen is excited about how this year’s WC will be, since the different countries have had very different preparations.

– It has been a special year. There have been many ski races where we have lacked some of the very best, but now everyone is starting. Now we get the answer to whether the Norwegian guys can challenge Bolshunov. Will he be as strong as earlier in the season? Can Erik Valnes challenge Klæbo in the sprint? Is there anyone who can challenge Therese in the longer distances? Can junior Helene Fossesholm surprise us with a medal of 10 km. free? Will there be gold for Sweden or Norway in the women’s relay? Has Maiken Caspersen Falla managed to find the form after a heavy start to the season. The men’s relay with Norway against Russia. There is so much to look forward to, says Marit Bjørgen.

And when asked how much gold she thinks Norway will take in the World Cup, the answer is clear:

– Norway takes seven gold!

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