Maritime company opens job vacancies that DO NOT require college; Check the positions and find out how to apply

A large maritime company announced, through its Linkedin profile, that it has positions available for new professionals. The vacancies are to work in the offshore (at sea) and onshore (on land) regime.

According to the company, the chances are valid for professionals who do not have higher education. And the best: hiring takes place in the CLT modality. Liked? Then, learn more about it.

All for contract under the CLT regime. (Photo: Stock).

Maritime company opens job vacancies that DO NOT require college

We are talking about Techocean, a giant known mainly in the city of Macaé (RJ) for offering onshore and offshore services and solutions. The vacancies, in turn, are valid for professionals such as welder, turner, boilermaker, electrician, grinder and much more. As mentioned, hiring takes place in the CLT modality and registration for the Selection Process takes place exclusively online.

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Below are some of the available positions:

climbing electrician

This is the professional who corrects problems and failures that may arise in the electrical panels of machines. In short, it is responsible for preventing more serious damage from occurring due to lack of maintenance. In order to have the profile selected, it is necessary that the candidate has a critical and analytical sense to solve problems always following the rules.

A function that will be part of the day-to-day of this professional will be to test the conditioning of the devices to ensure that they are up to date, for example.


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This professional is responsible for performing cuts and wear in relation to the tubes. Another function that is part of the grinder’s day to day is performing maintenance on the pipes to ensure that the other professionals are working safely. To do so, you must also be aware of all safety and hygiene standards that are imposed by the company, Techocean.


The welder, whether with or without experience, must have all certifications up to date for immediate shipment. In addition, you need to know about techniques to prevent corrosion and also how to weld materials correctly to prevent them from loosening or having future problems.

Furthermore, this worker must know how to fulfill his duties as a team to improve the effectiveness of his activities. Therefore, having good communication is one of the requirements for having the profile classified.


According to Techocean, registration for the selection process must be done by e-mail at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

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