Mark McNamara, who played Chewbacca loses his life at age 60

The former NBA champion and who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, Mark McNamara lost his life last Monday with just 60 years after I had several health complications in recent years.

His death occurred as a consequence of cardiac and respiratory complications that he presented while he was in Alaska, where he lived his last years dedicated to the production of documentaries.

He made his sports career as a center and played in his college stage in Santa Clara University and the University of California.

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The trajectory of the American in the NBA it was nothing brilliant but he was drafted by the Sixers in the year 1982 in the No. 22 overall position in the Draft and a year later he was sent to the San Antonio Spurs.

Within his career he also played in teams like Kings from Kansas City, Lakers from Los Angeles and Magic from Orlando.

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The basketball player also participated in the League of Spain with the Caja de Ronda, Juver Murcia and Real Madrid, with whom he managed to conquer the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

The basketball player participated in the filming of the series Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back as Chewbacca, filling in for lead actor Peter Mayhew, who was ill at the time.

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Unfortunately his scenes were never shown in the film since the director Irvin Kershner was not convinced by his performance reason why it had to return to roll with its original actor.

It is worth mentioning that his team Real Madrid issued a statement in which express your condolences and his love and affection to all his relatives and loved ones.

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Real Madrid C. F., its president and its Board of Directors deeply regret the death of Mark McNamara, Real Madrid basketball player in the 1991-1992 season, ”he said in a statement.


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