Mark Ruffalo and his time in Olympic wrestling before becoming an actor


Mexico City / 22.11.2020 08:46:01

To think of Mark Ruffalo is to imagine the great actor playing different characters on the big screen, one of the most famous, Hulk from the ‘Avengers’ saga, however, as incredible as it may seem, his career was not always linked to the world of acting then During his youth he was able to change his destiny and choose to be an Olympic wrestler.

Today, celebrating one more year of life, we present the curious story of the renowned interpreter.

It all starts with his father, Frank Lawrence Ruffalo, who was dedicated to wrestling professionally, he was even champion three times, situation that made Mark enter this world in high school.

At this stage as a teenager, the famous actor decided to get fully into the fight and compete in some tournaments in the city of Virginia, where he grew up, however, Unfortunately for him, it did not go quite well for him, as he could not earn any particular distinction.

Immediately after his wrestling experience, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his true dream, which was to be an actor, which is why he left behind everything related to sport.

Decision that apparently was the best he could have made, because years later he would end up being an excellent character in the world of cinematography.



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