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Mark Ruffalo welcomes She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany to the MCU

Mark Ruffalo welcomes Tatiana Maslany to the Marvel family after Disney announced that Maslany will play She-Hulk in the upcoming Disney + series. Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo officially welcomed Tatiana Maslany to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the actress was cast as the title character in the upcoming Disney + series. Ella Hulk. The series is among several projects that Marvel Studios has prepared for Phase 4 of the MCU. The streaming service is expected to play an important role in expanding that universe to television. Today it was announced that Maslany has been cast as Jennifer Walters, a lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner. She-Hulk will see Walters develop the same powers as the Hulk after a blood transfusion. The casting is the biggest news in the series that was announced last summer. Behind the scenes, Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao is writing the series, while Kat Coiro will direct it. Her credits include the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Shameless.

Mark Ruffalo He took to Twitter to share casting news and to welcome Tatiana Maslany to the MCU. The Hulk actress displayed the same enthusiasm that many Marvel fans have regarding the character and her first live-action adaptation. Ruffalo has previously indicated that he has had discussions about returning as Banner / Hulk in the series, helping to connect the MCU’s film and television properties. Ruffalo’s message of support for Maslany suggests that we may be closer to seeing Smart Hulk (the version of Hulk we saw in Avengers: Endgame) in the Disney + series. Her tweet even made sure to point out the family connection between Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner. While Marvel will want to keep the spotlight on He-Hulk, the original Hulk is an important part of its story and a key to linking the show to the larger MCU. Throughout the history of the MCU, the chemistry and camaraderie between the actors have always stood out. It has helped Ruffalo and others feel more loved by the public. Ruffalo’s tweet congratulating Tatiana Maslany is an early sign that fans can expect more of the same in the future. And with the departure of Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., and Scarlett Johansson from the MCU, Ruffalo is even more of the older statesman. Welcoming new actors like Maslany into the Marvel family should become commonplace. Maslany also likely wants a solid relationship with Ruffalo. After playing the Hulk in various movies, Ruffalo has become an expert in the art of motion capture. If the same technology is expected to be used in Ella Hulk, Maslany might seek Ruffalo’s advice on Hulking. Source: Mark Ruffalo via Twitter Key Release Fetes
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